14-16 February, 2017

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Robert Bosch Presentation

Manufacturers in the passenger and commercial vehicle sector are coming up with their own electric vehicles models. Major OEMs are constantly developing new ways to make electric vehicles and hybrids more competitive and to increase customer’s acceptance.

Dr. Achim Henkel, Section Manager Powertrain and Electrical Systems at Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany, made this exclusive presentation on the topic of: "Thermal limits in a 22 kW wireless charging vehicle power electronics".

Download the presentation here.

Report on 800 Volt Fast Charging and Thermal Management

There is a need for a standardized charging connection and network. OEMs and regulators are working towards such harmonized standards, but a fully-compatible European-wide charging network is yet to be established.

When Porsche unveiled the Mission E concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, it introduced the first 800 Volt charging concept, which has the potential to change the landscape of the electric vehicle market. However, with no 800 Volt charging stations or agreed standards at present, the concept also poses a variety of questions and challenges.

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Infographic: How to best cool your Automotive battery systems

With the demand for greater storage capacity and faster loading times, battery packs in electric and hybrid electric vehicles are subject to growing heat stress. This means the equipment has to be cooled during charging and energy release. 

Want to see an overview and learn more about this topic area? Then download Automotive IQs exclusive infographic here.

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